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  1. 👽i must be blind!? Cos I honestly don’t see the bloody alien! I’ve heard about them... & it’s definitely a rather famous mule - yeah? But alas - I admit I am still yet to truly see anything other than just a scratch or two on poor Miss Echidna’s head! Haha classic...😋
  2. This thread has been very very interesting to read! Thank u all! As for “Tom” joining in on the conversation a decade later - just like me, then I think it’s made it all the more interesting - to be perfectly honest! Oooh I hope the original post writer comes back to check one day! Lol But anyway... 😋 Now, the reason I’m here was to find out a bit more about a coin like has been described here! Mine is a French coin & has one of these hidden compartments in it too... But I don’t have a clue of who my picture is meant to be of, inside...???
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