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  1. Recent purchase and my first medallion.....50th Anniversary of King George 111...1809 Appologies, misread the heading when I threw this one in.
  2. Nice selection, there, Bill. I am fortunate to have one of these myself. It came in a Half Sovereign case and is roughly the same size of the Australian 3d.
  3. Nice coin, You mentioned there are 2 varieties, star stops and the cinquefoil stops. Could you elaborate a bit more on this please, as to what this is, which is the rarer, are there anymore know varieties. Which variety is yours? Do you have any informative links with additional information. Thanks in advance.......
  4. I would also be interested knowing as well, thanks.
  5. Certainly some interesting pieces, there. Appreciate looking at them. Thanks. I'm quite partial to a nice error myself. Look forward to seeing more.
  6. Looks like it might be a wrong plancet error. Looks like it may be real from the pics. Just out of curiosity what is the weight of it.?
  7. Straight from the postie's mailbag, a couple of the latest purchases. A 1979 double clipped 50c piece. This coin has the added bonus of being a double bar variety on the reverse, behind the emu's head. Double bar varieties in higher grades are getting harder to obtain. This was purchased as B/Unc. The next is a weak strike or a struckthru grease 20c piece. I am favouring the weak strike, at the moment, not 100% sure.
  8. This was purchased a couple of weeks ago, now. It was advertised as a doublestruck error.
  9. Get a glass cutter, cut a small enough hole to get them out, then place a small bung/stopper in the hole. Just a thought.....
  10. Don't know if this will help you, however I use this site. At the bottom is a reference source, it may help, or point you in the right direction.
  11. Some nice pieces, there, Bill.
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