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Sylvestian Aquisitions


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  • 6 months later...

Long story cut short. Old scanner bust, new scanner acquired yesterday. Not as good as my old on but finally the pics as promised. As you can see i haven't figured the settings out yet!


So far this year i've made two coin purchases, this one back in March;




(and i'm not happy with that scan).


The other i purchased three weeks ago is a fake £1 coin, which i might try and picture later.

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  • 2 years later...

Some acquisitions since I was last here;




The first two are very Stujoe










The next two are my fave US coin design ever (i have a non full-head 1924 as well);













(I've got my eye on a few more, but i dunno whether to go for another half guinea or another SLQ, either way it'll probably all but end my coin budget this year).

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  • 3 months later...

Thanks guys. Yeah i've taken quite a shine to the SLQs. I've always liked them and for a while I thought about getting a nice example of one, so eventually I bought one, unfortunately that's where I slipped up and got addicted... :ninja:


I buy them as an when I can afford to, or as and when I can find a seller that will ship them to England! The only real downside is the sting of the import tax. So I don't buy them often.

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  • 7 months later...

Just broken another dry spell (as is the way), I always tend to splurge during the summer months. Here are the August to October purchases:





1863 Sovereign






1865 Sovereign






1866 Sovereign






1918-I (Bombay Mint) Sovereign





1695 William III Half Guinea

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  • 7 months later...

August is here again so what's new?


Well I save like heck for this and it arrived back in March, I can't remember if I posted it or not, so here it is again, 1921P (This is my favourite purchase of the year)





Then I thought I'd push the boat out again, and a major splurge in June saw me nab this, an Edward VI (in the name of Henry VIII as a posthumous issue), gold half sovereign, minted c.1547-1550





Then a few more modern era sovereigns


Victoria 1851





Victoria 1857





And George V 1917C Ottawa mint Sovereign (my first Canadian sovereign)



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Love the Tudor gold! :bthumbsup:


In all my years collecting it is not very often that I have had coins from the Tudor period, apart from four really battered silver coins in the 'Silver Jar' (which I don't count), i've only ever had two Tudor coins in collectable grades, a Mary groat and an Elizabeth tanner, however, I sold those some years ago. This is the first time i've ever had a gold coin from this period though. I've had medieval and Stuart in the past but always missed this era. It's not like they're not available (funds permitting), the Angels and Crowns turn up every now and again, but sovereign denominations not very often at all. So it was a case of veni, vidi, emi. Took me about three months wages though!

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Not this time Art, as I didn't take the photos (which I believe is one of the rules!) ;) I haven't got a camera or a scanner at the moment, so that kind of stops that!



You can use other folks photos the rule is that you must own the coin. It's usually good to note that you're using the sellers photos or such just in case there's a question about it.

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