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2006 Loonie


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I can tell you one thing the Candian "Snowy Owl" one dollar coins (loonie) in the 2006 Specimen Set is already selling in the $35 to $50 dollar range on Ebay and I must say I am at a loss as the sets are STILL available from the mint at $39.95 for the WHOLE set, which include the dual dated two dollar coin (toonie) and the P mint marked smaller denominations. After seeing the prices these coins are already bringing I ordered 4 sets for my wife and I and got on Ebay and bought a single. They are limited to 40,000 so I feel very safe in doing so! Might add the Snowy Owl is by far more attractive than the Loon!!! Also have purchased the 2006 Olympic Circulating Loonie but have not received them yet!

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Everyone make sure to order your free collector cards!...




The Terry Fox Ones last year were cool...


And in return for this reminder I expect my canadian friends to help me out with collecting a set from circ :ninja:



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