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UTAH QUARTER: Mormon symbol doesn't belong on coin


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I live here in Utah!, and hate it here!!!!!!!!the people are weird and those LDS folks try to take over everything!, If your not a member of this CULT,, you wont get anywhere (Jobs, Houseing, ect...).Its apparent to me anyway, and I dont want no Morman stuff on a quarter either!Some day my wife & I can afford to get OUT OF HERE!, back east........... :ninja:

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Well the Mint will rule out the winter sports on the Utah quarter as sports ARE NOT allowed, nor private business, so how in the world did Indiana end up with a race car? Yes, I am still boiling over our Governor selling our one chance of fame to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. No sports, no private business? Just what is the Indy Racing League? Bottom line, in many states, it is WHO knows WHO and WHO has the big bucks to deal under the table!!!

I don't know why Utah doesn't go with an Elk or some natural wonder as none of those items belong to any one!!! Just too much darned politics!

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