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Baltimore Show


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I did not get the chance to go to the Baltimore show on Friday or Saturday, but I did manage to go for an hour or so on Sunday. By this time, most of the dealers were gone. Since I didn't have anything in particular that I was seriously looking for, I basically just checked things out rather leisurely.


Located a couple of nice seated dollars, but could not pull the trigger on either one (I actually did not bring enough cash to purchase them). The same dealer had a low grade Lafeyette that I almost purchased. The reason I steered away was because I have not been scouting them at all and didn't have a good sense for value - it may have been a very good deal!


Spent some time looking at some colonials - an area that I know almost nothing about. Saw several New Jersey, Nova Caesarea, pieces that really caught my eye. Price was well beyond my comfort limit, but I may do some background work in this area as they are quite appealing.


Picked up a couple of pieces....based solely on appeal, in contrast to any set need.


This 1914 2 Lira has a very pleasing reverse...




Also scored this striking Constantine I / Jupiter at Barry Murphy's booth.



So, it was a nice, albeit brief, little visit. Maybe for March show I will schedule my time a bit better.

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