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Which Coin Looks Best?


Of the five images which is your favorite? (leftmost=1, Rightmost=5)  

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  1. 1. Of the five images which is your favorite? (leftmost=1, Rightmost=5)

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#2 - shows the best detail.

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#2 - the reason I chose this pic is because, of the group, it most likely comes closest to representing how the coin looks in hand. This is what I call an honest picture.


If you'll notice, in some of the pics, the scratches to the right of the bust are barely visible. Too many times people attempt to post pics of the coins in this manner so that others will "see" the coin in the best light. In other words they try to minimize any defects the coin may have. Often this happens when a coin is being sold, for obvious reasons. Other times it happens because people want others to comment on the positive attributes of the coin - bragging rights I call it. And there is nothing wrong with wanting others to be impressed with your coin - it's only natural. But when someone deliberately posts such a picture for those reasons - then I see something wrong with it - deception.

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Some interesting responses. In this forum #2 did really well. In other places it was more of a run-away for #1. I combined some advice, increased the focal length and tried again playing with some other variables. I think in this set the second pic is the best.




Does it look too dark or fine?



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1 or 3 i like the darker look.

The advantage of the darker coins is that it appears easier to get the details but they still don't look like that in hand. But at least I'm getting closer :ninja:

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