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Hey all! I just joined the site, and I'm hoping that I can be a good contributing member here!


I collect all denominations of US coins from 1900 to date, except for Flying Eagle cents, because I love the design! My prime area of focus is on Lincoln Cents, however, and I'm only 36 cents away from having a complete date/mm set of them!


Lately, though, I have also been very interested in Russian coinage and currency... So perhaps I can find some more people willing to help me find it on here!


I hope to talk more soon! Thanks!



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Guest Stujoe

Welcome! I also collect 1900 to present US coins. I don't do the gold or varieties but I do collect them by mint mark.


My other main collections are a US type set and a World coin birth year set. And then there is the other stuff I buy. :ninja:

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