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Collector's Coins Great Britain 2005


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Okay some of you may or may not know this but i am one of the price researchers on the Rotographic team. Rotographic is of course the company that produces and publishes the catalogue, and is now run by my dealer friend Chirs Perkins who also runs the predecimal forum, where i am the moderator.


My contribution to CCGB 2005 was researching the prices for the sixpences and as payment for my work i was kindly sent two free copies. Which means i've got a spare copy going...



Therefore i'll throw it up to auction and the winner will have a copy signed by me, stating that it was auctionned for the Hurricane Katrina relief fund held by this forum.



Bidding starts at $1. Bidding ends 21st Sept at 19.00 Hours GMT.

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...but honestly Aetheling rules...



Being an 'ætheling' and all did you expect any less? ;)



Or maybe the Louis XVI avatar gave it away? Hmm does my wig really look like that? Better give it a bit more powder me things, excuse me whilst i nip to the bathroom.. :ninja:

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