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Swiss Cantons


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1797 Swiss Canton Bern 1/2 Kreuzer



1812 Swiss Canton Schwye 1 Rappen



1826 Swiss Canton Bern Batzen. Overstruck on 1 Batzen KM #87 Variety.



1843 Swiss Canton Schwye 2 Rappen



1847 Switzerland (Geneva) 5 Centimes

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Gosh -- these old musty coppers cannot find a comfortable home with all of those beautiful shiny coins of yours. Send them to me and I'll see that they get a a good copper oriented home.


They're really beautiful.

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how much do those 1910 Bern Shooting Medals go for?


There are two 1910 Bern varieties that I personally know of.


The one in my photos is silver and is a RICHTER 172. They used to cost about $50 but recently I had to bid over $75 for one.


It was also issued in nickel (RICHTER 263b) and they seem to go for about the same price. I have one that graded NGC MS64 and is VERY nice.


Does anyone know how many of these were issued in both types?

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(Technically not a Canton Basel but a Bishopric Basel...)

Received this today and I couldn't be happier...




It's a quarter taler, the first one I have ever seen, and in incredible condition.

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That is one beautiful coin. ;) I am filled with lust in my heart.


Thanks Frank. I found a Swiss coin dealer recently with a pretty amazing inventory, most of his really nice stuff is out of my price range, but this one wasn't. :ninja:

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I am new to this site so I'm not sure if people are looking for swiss coins or selling or just sharing?



Hi Mallen and Welcome to Coinpeople! Unfortunately we don't allow buying or selling on this site until a member has established themselves.

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