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Hi, i am wondering what background this coin has, or any information related to this coin.

i do not have a ruler. but it is the width of a playing card and about 1/2 cm think.

it has letters on the "head" side that look like "EOSO" (i am unsure about the "S" as it looks like a lightning bolt)

any information would be appreciated!



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It's very unlikely that you have a coin, as there's nothing to indicate either a denomination or a country of issue.


It might be a commercial token of some kind, or perhaps a medallion commemorating some event or organization. What you are reading as a "6" more closely resembles a "4" IMHO, but it probably is a lightening bolt, not a letter at all.

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The coin is not authentic and that is apparent right away by the patina and style, it is a modern tourist fantasy peice:


Very large modern cast "tourist fake" Graeco fantasy. 60mm in diam, 5 mm in thickness, 120g. Slightly magnetic AE alloy with fake "desert" patina applied

obv: laureate bearded head, presumably a deity, r., with legend resembing EDSO

rev: winged male figure (Boread?), crouching, l., but with head turned r.; legends illeg.



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