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Need Help about price of these coins.


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Just wondering have you tried a magnet on them yet? If magnetic that would easily confirm as fakes. The second set I'm pretty sure is fake. Easy one to spot is the 1799. The first set can't tell you for sure, but if bought from the same person would be suspect. Better close ups of the individual coins would help. But even with that having them checked by a reputable coin dealer would be your best bet.

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You know I took a quick look first time and I did not notice the 1902 date on the silver eagle. You would think if they are going to make fakes at least get the dates right. I mean come on 84 years off?

To me the 1879 and peace dollar if fakes are pretty good at least from the pictures.

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I would also be interested to know where you've gotten those counterfeit coins. I can't tell for sure about the Peace Dollar from the pics but the the rest are all fakes I've seen before.

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