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Katrina Relief Auctions...

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Anyone who won something from me, please PM me your addy as I will be getting everything in the post on Saturday (the next day off).


I believe I owe stuff to jtryka, bobbycoin, burks, and Sir Sisu.


I will be listing some more stuff too as I go through stuff this weekend.

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So he did.


I might be able to find a few more things... i have a few surplus pieces that i no longer require or wish to upgrade. It's usually times like this when i'd throw a gold half sovereign into the arena, unfortunately i don't have any left as it stands. :ninja:


I think i had a Swiss franc coin somewhere... where though is a good question...

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Put it up for auction, it will be the price leader:)  Right now I think my 1862 USA Cent in Unc is the current leader - $155.00


Unfortunately, that is the only one I have so it will remain in my type set. I might be able to find some other New Orleans dollars this weekend though.

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Note to all the bidders/sellers. I am leaving on vacation tomorrow. I will be back on the 26th. Keep those auctions going. Anton (Akdrv) will be overseeing things until I get back, at which time I will collect all the donations and send them on their merry way.


Thanks to all for your generosity. :ninja:

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I just noticed that we are getting terribly close to $1,000 for the donations to Katrina relief. I added up the total of the completed auctions that Tiffybunny has, and it was $693.77, add to that mine and bobby's which I made two donations to the red cross for $85 and $46, so that would be $131, which was matched by NGC for another $131, and we are at a grand total of $955.77!!! That is a tremendous accomplishment and we aren't even done yet! :ninja:

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