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Katrina Relief Auctions...

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Just a suggestion...


When posting an auction, I think it makes it nice if the seller puts the end time in the Subtitle (like I do :ninja:)


$5.00 Face Value US Junk Silver

Ends Sept 10, 2005 at 5:00 PM Central US


At least the end date would be nice if not the time.


It makes it a lot easier to see what is coming up close to end time when looking through the whole page of auctions.


Just a suggestion from a known sniper. ;)

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BTW: How are we handling payments? Is someone (Hi Tiff! :ninja: ) the central clearinghouse or is everyone doing it individually? or ?


I have an aucton ending tonight so I want to make sure I get it right.

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I just checked over at NGC, and as of yesterday they had matched over $15,000 in donations which leaves less than $10,000 to go towards their goal of $25,000. I will donate my proceeds (and anyone else's that's interested) as soon as I can next week to get the match, but I think they will likely reach their goal early in the week. So far, I will give $85 from my auctions, which turns to $170 with the matching funds.

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I completed the donation to the Red Cross Yesterday, and NGC matched the $85! They are now up to $16,635 out of the $25,000 limit, so if any of you are members there and plan on donating do it soon, as they are closing this by the END of DAY THURSDAY!!!

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