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CirCulated or UNC


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Hi All: :art:


Have seen that a lot of you ColleCt mainly UNC banknotes from all over the world most of them are very expensive and have a very high faCe value so for me its like WOW! :shock: but i know that theyre unique master pieCes.

But for me that im a student i keep most of my trip banknotes but theyre most of them CirCulated and only the low faCe value ones.


So thats why, when i want an expensive banknote i always try to find it in CirCulated Condition, And only Can have low faCe value banknotes in UNC that i Can buy.


So thats what i want to know. Do you ColleCt only CirCulated or UnC or both or it depends if you like the design or speCial Countries or it depends on the money you Can spend.


really enjoy the post of lastest banknote purChases so Continue like that beCause some of you put on them really beauties on it! :P




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i was born 'coin collector'

then i started with some circulated banknotes (when i was 12 yo) then when i reached about 250 pieces (even totally broken notes=Tiger Bite) i noticed some UNC notes was available for totally cheap, why would i keep a totally broken valueless note if i can have a perfect one with 1 cent ?

then i disbanded that starting-mini collection for 50$ and i spent it all in Coins (my main interest for years, still active


i think that was my training period with banknotes, learn what you have, learn to keep safe, learn to handle (when you are a child you better dont touch 'good notes' without an adult behind :D


in 2008, also thanks to internet, after a massive interest in coins, i decided to go for a new collection of banknotes


but i put some NO-NO rules


(this is my personal view)


i do NOT want to buy broken notes once again(and cheap too)

- if they are resellable one day, these will not be resellable at all (i mean not even getting a 50%), they are there in billions of samples, while i will have spent some for the note and some for the shipping (after 1000 notes i will have spent quite a good amount of money)

- i do not want cheap notes (unless there is one sample that really i like for some reason) just to make number growing or covering a state

-- i try IF POSSIBLE (wallet) to get an higher value note for that country, and IF possible UNC or aUNC (hate pinholes)


it would be nice to collect every notes of the world, but that is impossible (for common people with common wallet)

so i decided 1-2 notes for most countries, more for some countries.


i ended with

i better spend my time, passion and energy in 200 unc notes, than in 2000 from 'tigerbite' to 'acceptable'

ofcourse, many UNC notes won't be available to me. but that's life, like a Ferrari or a 500$ champagne bottle.

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i wanted to buy 2 unc notes of very cheap value, for a reason, here they are












i bought them unc in the last 2 years, after my brother in the 90ies went on vacation to Jugoslavia and Turkey, he gave me 2 circulated samples, which i loved, but these 2 samples gave me a lot of nice feelings :) so that today i decided to bring them back as UNC (since they are cheap) in memory of these days.

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i consider Coins and Banknotes collecting one of the best MONEY SAVING hobbies (you readed good)

even if you spend a lot into it



1) my hobby is collecting unc-top banknotes, i spend 1.000 $ on a nice piece

2) my hobby is hunting boars in the forest of sweden, guns, license, tools, dresses, pay to reach location, eat etc that

s X.XXX spent

3) i am a tobacco lover, i spend billions in smoking every possible thing

4) i am a dresses lover, i buy buy buy, dress dress dress, trash trash trash


all have their pleasure

but in most cases things get lost into air, are not much resellable (degradation, failure)

few can bring money back ( from something, to more than something )


i have had good experiences with 3 gold coins and few Vatican-Monaco-San Marino Euro sets in the beginning of Euro.

would i have spent 500$ on every other things, i would have gotten half or less or nothing.



' but hey ok best money saving thing, but you will lose anyway '

in the current day people gets ripped off even in banks where they are supposed to make money :)



i always remember my relatives looking at me when i wanted to buy some coins or banknotes

they looked at me like ARE YOU CRAZY ????? (like if i was spending 300 dollars into chocolate, alchool, or cigarettes, stuff that 'goes')


but when i cashed in, they couldnt believe into it :)


after all, if 500$ dont go into banknotes, it will go into other stuff

the only best option is not to spend anything (but one day you will spend)

in every other case, you will trash these 500$ all at once or in many parts.


have an hobby and have some value

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Thank you for your reply MauMau,

Me i started ColleCting Coins and stamps from all over the world when i was your same age more or less, but right now i try to foCus only on banknotes in CirCulated and UNC, but i have to foCus more and have a good ColleCtion that i really like, and some of the CirCulated banknotes that i bought i dont like to muCh nowadays, but i like to keep banknotes from my trips beCause for theyre like souvenirs, and im doing like a Collage on my room with them thats why theyre are the less expensive.

The Collage is being so beautiful and i want to Continue with it.


The pre-euro banknotes of all the european Countries are going higher every year, so i think im gonna foCus on them before they get Crazy priCes in UNC, and other ones from other Countries i really like and like you i will take 2 or 3 of eaCh Countries the most pretiest for me never mind if theyre are high faCe value or low faCe value.


I ColleCt beCause is a hobby that i really like it but like you said is money saving beCause if theyre UNC you later Can sell them if you need some money and you will not lose all the money that you have investment on them.


Two of my favouritess ones:


My first travel to a foreign country in 1989, Portugal, so this is my first banknote in my collection its was a 100 escudos 1985, in circulated condition and i bought it in UNc, i think its the most special banknote because its the first one that i had in my hands.




The second one beCause when i went to Germany in 1998 i have this banknote in CirCulated and i really like the design so i bought it in UnC:



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ofcourse, it's good sense to NOT sell your house or get divorced from your wife just for banknotes :P:D:bthumbsup:


don't pass the line of the 'too much' for your economy.

and don't over-over-over spend on something (otherwise it might become like gambling) :E


donde vives en espana ?




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Well, the advice I got on banknote collecting was first from a book and then from other collectors online. They all said pretty much the same thing - that collected banknotes should be of the best possible condition that you can afford, that the collection should also be of a single focus (for resell purposes, this is evidently seen as more valuable), and that you should collect what you want. One guy said, rather wisely, that if you were to describe the note, and had to say “but – “ then you should probably hold off and save more to get a better one.


Well, for me, I can see the many advantages of collecting the best grade –the best condition allows the best detail, color, and overall appearance of the note. It helps in reselling, if that’s a concern, and it’s no different from anything else – if you have a choice, then you want the UNC rather than the dirty old one that someone kept in his shoe.


But then there are those who believe that the used notes have a personal history to them. This I cannot deny, and I understand the romantic notion of imagining what the note from far away in an exotic land may have purchased, but it is not a strong enough feeling for me, so I try to collect UNC.


But there are some notes that cannot be had in UNC, for price or simple availability. For these notes, I look around for a while (sometimes too long) before making my mind up to get one in less than UNC.


While I understand the ‘one theme’ aspect of the advice, I would not be happy with that. I need more variety I guess. But it is exactly what and how I like to collect. It may be a mess of jumbled themes, but it's mine.


I have all kinds of notes, some worthless, some worth a little bit, most are perfectly new and UNC, but some are crumpled, ragged and icky. They all have their place, for different reasons. My favorite note is one my father brought home from France long before I was born. He gave that note many years later to me, and its value far exceeds the rest of my notes combined. :)

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Of course!


Crumpled, pinholes, a little staining, etc., but this is what made me want to collect back when I was just a small boy. Being one my father had gives it that personal history and sentimentality that is worth far more than the note itself will ever be otherwise.




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Well, the advice I got on banknote collecting was first from a book and then from other collectors on-line. They all said pretty much the same thing - that collected banknotes should be of the best possible condition that you can afford, that the collection should also be of a single focus (for resell purposes, this is evidently seen as more valuable), and that you should collect what you want.


This is probably the best advices that someone can give about collecting: focus and buy that you can afford.


My policy is the same, but when it comes to buying, two things can be added:


Cheap notes will always remain cheap.

Expensive notes will be more expensive.


And don't forget that you don't have to buy cheap notes in UNC quality - very often you can get them in trade from another collector. It means that you can save the money for another, more expensive note.

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