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Greetings from Sweden

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Hi everyone


I'm a collector who collects ALL numismatic material (but focuses on banknotes) from Bosnia-Hercegovina, as well as banknotes from Yugoslavia and ex-Yugoslav states, Sweden, and then the rest of the world, without any particular focus.


I'll be glad to share my experience (and my banknotes) with other members of CoinPeople community.


best regards


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Thank you all for welcoming me to CoinPeople community.


The main reason for collecting Bosnian banknotes (and coins) is that I'm from Bosnia; I came to Sweden almost 20 years ago. I have a nice collection of Bosnian and Yugoslav notes, with a lot of holes to fill, several numismatic books and catalogues from that area, as well as decent knowledge and experience. I'll be more than glad if I can help anyone with questions about Bosnian and (ex-)Yugoslav money.


I'll try to post pictures of some interesting pieces later.

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Hi again


Here are some interesting pieces from my collection:


Bosnia P1a 500 dinara 1992 AU - the best money can buy

Extra detail - overprint on the replacement banknote



Another banknote from Bosnia: P60a 1 konvertibilna marka ND (1998) UNC

Error - incorrect spelling of the Ivo Andric's last name; banknote was never issued







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