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Canadian Nickel Album


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I got tired of waiting for Dansco to come out with the Canadian albums they promised about 4 years ago and I got a Whitman Canadian 5 cent album 1922-..... The ports are dated up to 1989.

My question is since 1989 what years have more that one issue? The new V nickel came in that time frame as did the Mint marks.


Any help with a list?

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There's some mintmarks. P on some issues. W on those minted for non-circulating PL sets from the Winnipeg mint.


Also for 2003P there's the new and old effigy (crowned, uncrowned).


Oh and 1996 there's a "near" and "far" 6 varieties. I don't know the diagnostics of it though.

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Circulation (starting 1997 one of each date available in silver proof)




1992 (dual date)








1999P (test coin, but these were released into circulation in numbers larger than official mintage suggests)


2000P (issued only in Alberta, maybe Quebec as well late in the year)



2002P (dual date)

2003P (older obv)

2003P (newer obv)


2005P (beaver)

2005P (V nickel)



2006P w/logo

2007 w/logo

2008 w/logo

2009 w/logo

2010 w/logo

2011 w/logo


PL set only



2003WP (older obv)


Mules and incorrect planchet errors may exist.

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I really like this set. Just the right amount of variety. Tombacs, commems, mint marks.

I have 77 of 102 circulation issues.


That's nice. I like Canadian nickels but they're very hard to find where I live. Maybe I need to do more nickel searches.

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I am currently filling mine from circulation and I still need a couple of the 1920s era dates and one from the 1930's. The little varmints do turn up in my roll searches. Usually I do not keep the post 1981 five centers as they are not all nickel. I did find and kept the only 2005 V nickel and one of the regular types - the V nickel is sort of scarce in circulation apparently.


BTW if there are any 1940s-1980 dates you need I can see if I have duplicates in my hoard of circ. finds.

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