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Please help identify German Schutzenfest medal


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I recently won an assortment of Swiss Schutzenfest medals at the Heritage Long Beach Signature World auction. The lot contained eight Swiss and one German medal, all in amazing condition. Six came with the display boxes and they all look like they were presented yesterday instead of 100 years ago. I’m quite pleased.


No problem identifying the Swiss medals as I have the Richter books but the German medal has so far been difficult to identify. Here is what I have, translations are a guess.


1862 Frankfurt Schutzenfest Medal




OBV: Die Freiheit Zu Schutzen-Zu Schirmen Das Land, Gelobet

Ihr Schutzen Mit Herz U Mit Hand

Brentwett. D. Sebald. W.

“Celebrate the freedom to protect our beloved country”


REV: Zur Erinnerung An Das Deutche Schutzen-Fest

Frankfurt a/m 1862

“German Schutzenfest in Frankfurt in remembrance”


43mm silver, proof or proof like with cameo frosting and mirror fields. Plain edge, weighs about the same as a Morgan silver dollar.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Some of the German shooting medals demonstrate incredible artistry on the part of the engraver. Unfortunately they are few and far between (in my humble opinion) and particularly difficult to find (at least at an affordable price).


Nice find HiHo!!......especially in silver.



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