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My new morgan 1$ 1884 p - ICG - MS64 - What do you think?


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Yep, if you look at the date it seems to be positioned further to the right facing the coin then normal. Yours looks to be one of the far dates. I can't tell if its got other markers (See below for date example. And the link I gave you earlier.) I can't see any clashes, but its tough off pictures unless you really try to capture them. Morgan dollars and the vast majority of coins will be minted from several dies sets. Slight variations turn up. Some rarer then others. Date position, date slant, die gouges, doubling, over polishing, using older dies from different mints, major cracked dies with cuds, clashed dies, misplaced dates, odd mint marks, etc can show what die pairs were used. Check VAMWorld's Attribution 101 to get an idea of what to look for. You can look up individual dates here . If you are wondering about some of yours post some pictures over in the Error and Variety section here and we'll try to help. Try to get a good clear picture like the top one of both sides. Maybe a little bit closer up shot. I think this one is a 1884-P VAM-8 Far Date I don't see any other markers. But you can only go so far with even the best picture.



Date positions



1884 O very far date VAM 16



1896-P VAM-19 "8" in Denticles



1878 8 tail feather vam 7 with a spiked "A" Die gouge



1884 o

Vam 13 O over O mint mark centered high





VAM-9a, Far, slanted date, polishing lines liberty head


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