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  1. My first carson city PL - MorGan 1883 MS65 - Impressive! My first carson city PL - MorGan 1883 MS65 :cake; FORD 999 - 1902
  2. My first MORGAN coin Returned from NGC The 1880 s Bought by my father in 1976 Before NGC: After returning from NGC: One was the business cycle And the other probably stayed in a bag in the bank vault
  3. My first toned carson city MorGan dollar - 1884 CC PCGS MS65
  4. CARSON CITY morGan dollar coins collection - I think that the CC coins are the cream of morGan dollar coins - Very expensive cream I've got three such coins, and I hope to buy another one until the end of the month http://www.coinlink....ition-rankings/
  5. MorGan 1880-S PCGS MS64PL - New coin :
  6. Thanks all! I can not tell if it on the coin or on the plastic. I appreciate that the scratches are on top of plastic. I've seen plastics in much better shape than this one But the main thing is the coin! Professional original images: [/b][/i][/u]
  7. Thanks! Next week I will shot WITH GREAT OLD MODEL CARS the second MORGAN cOIN in quality to that Shown here - 1883 MS65 CC CAC
  8. My best morgan $ & my one of my best 1:18 model car On one stage: 1882 - CC MS65 & 1:18 CMC -Ferrari LE MANS 1961 :
  9. Is there a story behind the Morgan ( 1884 O ) or nothing - routine ? Mintage: 9,730,000
  10. [color:#000099]Morgan Stories - 1904-O Morgan Hits Both Extremes By Paul M. Green, Numismatic News December 22, 2011 - Awesome article - THANKS !!! [/color] [color:#FF0000] Link: [/color] http://numismaster.com/ta/numis/Article.jsp?ad=article&ArticleId=24529 [color:#006600]My coin: [/color]
  11. [color:#FF0000]New 1883 cc ms65[/color]
  12. [color:#000099] My new one - 1884 o MS65 Toned - The direction on the two coins is :Brown Color: [/color]
  13. 1904 o MS65 - A little toned - my new morgan coin
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