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New guy from US

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I am a part-time collector with my dad's (inherited) coin collection, I seem to go thru it every 5-6 years and find something new I just forgot about or overlooked.



I seem to be completly lost on a few of the coins, bought books, internet searches, now I need others to help.


1 is a French coin, Carnot, 3 decembre 1887 on one side and a lady on other


Hope to make some friends and learn alot about world coins.


Thanks Tom

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Hi Tom, welcome to CoinPeople!


What you describe sounds a lot like a medal. Any chance you could put up some pictures? If so, or not, start a topic in Exonumia and the experts there will try to help.

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Hello and welcome!


Maybe you got this medal:




France, bronze medal 1887 (by A. Dubois) on the election of Marie François Sadi Carnot, President of the Republic. diameter 46 mm.

Obverse: his Bust left.

Reverse: tablet between oak branches, above a shining star.

Reference: Wurzbach 1217, Médailles françaises 487.21.



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Thanks guys, will post a pic as soon as I can charge up a couple batteries for the camera.


Arminius, no not that one, but inscription is close,(de la Publique), also has 3 Decembre 1887 under Carnot

reverse: Republique Francaise around female bust


size:about the size of an US qtr, 1/2 as thick


Thanks for the fast welcome and info.


I have been searching for 3 whole days now on this 1 coin.



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