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New collector from US

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Hello everyone. I have a cool story on how I got into collecting. I work for a property preservation company, meaning I clean and take care of foreclosed homes. A lot of times I do big houses on the ocean. Anyway, we were emptying an abandoned mansion and I found my way up to the attic. I found books and books of coins from the 1800's. I thought i just struck gold! I turned the coins in to my boss and he tried to contact the previous owner. After 1-2 weeks we found out that the owner has passed and had left everything to his son. I guess the son must have had a falling out with his father because he said he didn't want any of his belongings and we could keep the coins. Long story shortened, I got to keep what I found. I had every intention on selling them, until I finally got to take them home. I started going through the coins and started realizing I was sifting through history. I fell in love! Really makes you wonder, who could have held that very coin thats in your hand! I am curious though to find out their worth!

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Neat story. Welcome to collecting and to CoinPeople. Get a recent Red Book - try your library. The values aren't correct but the relative values are usually. Gives you an idea of whats worth what. Post some pics here and folks will be glad to help you.

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