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To Keep Or Not To Keep?!


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Its a fake (in my opinion)

Take a look at page 105 in the Brekke supplement. Same lettering and overall poorly done appearance



You are right, Squirrel :yes: . Novodels of the series are perfectly executed. Note the poor crowns for example. This is definitely a fake. Sigi

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My opinion fake.

But rather old one ... so not very modern like the popular

production with rather easily recognized patina.


mark me down in fake column, Alex


it actually looks like a newer one to me, post-2005, but that's just my opinion. if i had to guess, it looks like it came from that one guy's shop who lives near Kiev - the guy who uses old common coins, sometimes cut down, as blanks - makes the product look a lot more convincing, and obviates the need for artificial toning. the thing is, this guy i'm talking about doesn't pass his work off as the real deal, and he prices almost everything $10 each, so maybe the seller bought from him? it seems like 95% of the Siberian polushkas i've seen in the past 25 years are fake. there are convincing older (mid 1900s?) fakes out there that are struck from new blanks but are stylistically correct, but have indications of being struck from transfer dies - flaws, indents, etc. that came from the die, not the blank.

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