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Interesting mintmark. What do you think it is?mint_mark.jpg



EM from worn out dies - sometimes it looks like BM where no BM existed (the 1830-1839 copper coins). Which is your coin? Sigi

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Looks like K.M. to me.


enough suspense... please show the coin!




No suspense, on contrary, I wanted to break the boredom here...


It is a Nicholas I 5 kop from 1830's. I just have this picture. I will have to find the coin to post the photographs. It is EM, because there is FX on the other side, but that E looks like a K quite a bit. This is not a BM type, which I also have somewhere. I am still wondering if it is a broken die, which it most probably is, or if someone punched in a K and then tried to fix it. After all, metal is missing from where it should have been (lover line, but is present where there should not be any metal...

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An excellent guess! One that shows that You are observant and well versed in Russian Numismatics (as we well know)!!!


So I hope that my answer will be a mild surprise ;)



That is interesting :ninja: Which denomination is it? Sigi

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