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Hey y'all!

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Hi everyone!


I am Ngdawa, I live in Gothenburg Sweden and I am new here.


I have always been fascinated by coins and other currencies, and now I am a proud owner of a collection of foreign coins and banknotes. The main part of my collection is now circulated currencies and currencies out of circulation but from the 1900's til today. I am still young, so I guess I will turn into a more specific collection later on. I do am very interested in older coins as well and yet I have a very basic knowledge, but hopefully I can help other a little too. ;)


I've recently learned to date Japanese coins, and I can read the Cyrillic (All kinds), Greek and the Georgian* alphabet (*Georgia = Republic of Georgia, former USSR Republic, not the Georgian state of USA). I can also read some Chinese and Japanese characters.


Well, this is me, I guess. :ninja:

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