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  1. You mean separate Czechoslovakia from Czech Republic (or Czechia if you so prefer) and Slovakia. About the name Czechia: It's not really about a name change per se. It more than Czech Republic is the formal name, and now they want a more informal name. E.g. No one is talking about The Hellenic Republic in everyday speech. We simply say Greece. Seriously? They've had their own curreny since 2011. I have full set of the 2011 series of 0.05-100 Pounds. Last year a new 500 Pounds were released.
  2. I have have most of them. For example, I've put Czechoslovakia under Czech Republic, even though I first planned to add the notes with Czech text under Czech Republic, and the ones with Slovak text under Slovakia, but in the end I decided to put them all together. It's really unconsistent, since Yugoslavia exist in the list. But not Czechoslovakia and Soviet Union. I don't like having Faroese notes under Denmark and South Sudanese notes under Sudan. Hopefully this can be fixed soon. 😊
  3. Hi! I reckon it's time to add more countries and territories to the list, so I don't have to choose "Unknown" a little now and then. Countries I find lacking are: Europe: Czechoslovakia, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Kosovo, Soviet Union Asia: Abkhazia, Korea^, (Portuguese/East) Timor, Tannu Tuva, Tatarstan Africa: Rep. Congo*, DR Congo, Mayotte, Réunion, Somaliland, South Sudan Australia, Oceania: New Caledonia Caribbean: Montserrat South America: Antarctica(?), Easter Island(?) ^Banknotes issued before Korea split in two, should I add them as South or North? *Now both Congos (Republic of the Congo, and Democratic Republic of the Congo) are mashed together as "Congo". This, I reckon, is incorrect. Any other countries/territories that you're missing?
  4. I'm pretty late in the game (more precise, 10 years), but my attention was drawn to the 2 krónur coin today, just 30 minutes ago. The runic inscription reads: Alþingi stofnaþ niu hundruþ ok þriatiu = Althing was established in 930 And below in says: Nitian hundruþ ok þriatiu = 1930 Again, sorry I'm late. 😊
  5. It's without a doubt Italian. "cinquanta" is Italian for "fifty", "Milano" is a city in Italy (eng: Milan), "lire" was the currency of Italy before the euro. And just the fact that the word "italiana" is clrealy written on it should remove all doubt.
  6. Sorry for asking, but what would Tonga be if not a country?
  7. I've just visited the "Banknte Grading" page, and it was pretty good. The best would, of course, be if there were pictures as well, so one can compare ones own banknotes with the pictures. Of course the ultimate would be to have the same note (like the lowest denomination of your country, or the cheapest banknote to purchase) so it wouldn't bee too confusing for the beginners. In general the site seems to lack pictures, but it's nicely done and easy to navigate.
  8. I dno't want to be a pain in the a$$, but it's actually Kuponi (at least that what it says on the banknotes). Probably this was a currency they used while they recently broke free from the USSR and before they got their own Lari (like Moldova and their Cupon etc..). Anyway, Gerogian banknotes (and coins) are easy to identify by the scipt. It's curved and nice and it always has the country name on them, written as საქართველო (saqarTvelo = Georgia), and the value (TeTri or lari (or in this case kuponi, which writes თეთრი, ლარი & კუპონი). Nice notes btw!
  9. The files are about 370 kB..so I guess it should be okay since the limit is 1 MB?
  10. When I'm trying to upload obverse and reverse pictures on OmniCoin nothing happens. The link to the obverse picture is just disappearing and then nothing more happens. Then it just says that an obverse or reverse picture is missing. What's the problem?
  11. Thank you very much for your help Moneymaker!
  12. I've seen a few 1595 3 Groschen coins, but this one looks different. Should the date on top be there? Or are the other ones - without a date on top, fake? Please help me out here! If authentic, what's its worth? Thanks! (obverse)
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