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German Notgeld


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I inherited an house from my grandmother and was cleaning and I ran across a bunch of Notgelds. I am clueless about them except what little I have been reading online. There all in good condition, they are in an old scrapbook and some where in a box. They are very pretty and quite a few are sets. I want to know where i can get more information about them and what kind of value are they. Can some one please help me!! :ninja:

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I moved this to the Banknotes forum because I'm assuming you are talking about notgeld notes vs. coins. If you'd care to post some pictures of a few of the items I'm sure that someone will have some information to share with you. There are a number of online sites dedicated to notgeld as well. Welcome to CoinPeople. Hope that you enjoy it here.

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You could if you wish post them here and get ID and relative worth or get a catalog like World Notgeld and other local issue emergency money 1914 - 1947 - Courtney L. Coffing. I am positive there is a better catalog for the notes but dont remember....I collect coins more but with the above catalog I can ID them and give a relative worth.

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Hi, a collection after my own heart :ninja: if you find your notes on my site and PM me the page i can give you a catalog value for the notes http://germannotgeld.com


I can also identify by sight the vast majority of common notes so feel free to post up some images.


To give you a ball park figure on value, bulk lots of german notgeld go for about 70cents-90cents depending on how many and the quality. austrian is more like 50-60cents.


There are rare notes and they do turn up its just the vast quantities of common notes that make them hard to find.


Do you intend to keep your new found collection or to sell it?

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Welcome to Coin People Stephanie!


I sold a fairly large collection of German Notgeld notes for a friend a few years ago on eBay. I sorted them into sets by town and every single note sold.

Here are two of the highlights...





A penny in the jar for the orphans of Lahr...



I had a note from Mercedes and another printed on the reverse of a furniture catalog. If there is interest I'll dig up the scans and post them.

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Hiho -


I like those notes - especially the one that's overprinted. I have often thought it strange that Notgeld would be overprinted. It seems to me that they could have either overprinted almost everything or (like they did) printed up mountains of new notes. I know of only one other that was overprinted and that one made no sense (because it was a small denomination serienschein) until someone told me it was likely used for fare on a transit system and the price was adjusted.



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