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PCI2010 Group 9.D Voting


PCI2010 Group 9.D Voting  

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    • 1804 L'École des Mines du Mont-Blanc, France
    • 2009 20 Ameros

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elverno's 1804 L'École des Mines du Mont-Blanc, France


In 1818 Captain Laskey wrote in part about this medal:

"This medal was struck on the establishment of schools for the instruction of students in the art of mining and mineralogy.


There is a modern statue, representing the Apennine mountains, by John de Bologna, at Florence, designated Father Apenninus; it represents the loftiest of the ridge of these mountains, which runs through the middle of Italy, from Liguria to Ariminum and Ancona, and joins the Alps. If standing erect, it proportional height would be about sixty feet. We are not quite certain if this is not the representation of this statue, and depicted here as the hoary headed Mont-Blanc, whose bald summit penetrates the clouds."


Unclebobo's 2009 20 Ameros


Made of copper and designed by Daniel Carr this coin depicts a nonexistent currency unit from a nonexistent political union

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