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A coin fair that happened here in Sydney...


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It's called ANDA and there were quite a lot of interesting coins that were sold here. Quite a fair bit of Australian and British coins and quite a few variety lot of world coins. US coins that were sold here that I thought of were either too expensive or too common. I think I burnt too much holes in my pockets... :ninja: Anyways, enjoy my pictures here. ;)


OH, btw I do have everyone's 1 dollar stamped coin that you can see at the bottom!!! (hopefully I do have more than enough)






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You honestly wouldn't want to know how much I blew on that coin. It is a very strong XF, little wear on her bust on the obverse and the ball on the reverse. There is a die crack as well which is quite suprising (or rather, QUITE a lot of my Russian coins have a fair bit of die crack which is NOT that common!)


Oh well I guess I will be back to a diet of instant noodles for at least a good month :ninja:;)

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