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Round 2 - Hammered/Hammered - Group 4

Which do you prefer?  

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  1. 1. Which do you prefer?

    • Edward the Elder
    • Canute

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Coinpeople presents the Second Season of the British Popular Coin Idol, in association with the Imperial Bank of Coinpeople. Same rules apply as usual, which do you prefer?



Æþeling's Edward the Elder 899-924 Anglo-Saxon penny










Æþeling's Cnut 1016-1035 Anglo-Danish penny?



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I know! :ninja:



It has to be said Stu decimal doesn't get much interest from British collectors, except perhaps for me. Which makes me a rather unusual case in question as i collect out of the mainstream. I collect hammered and Decimal, everyone else seems to focus on the 1662-1967 periods. So me being Harry opposite means i focus on everything but what's fashionable to collect. But i'm awkward as you should know by now...

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