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I knew it was comming but I was hopeing for better


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What a load of crap - the nickel design is being held hostage by politicians from Virginia.



Yes indeed, it is disgusting that a nickel design is held up by a lobby of politicians in one state.


Jefferson stayed on the nickel and that should have been enough. I think nobody forgets that he was from Virginia.

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as long as the obverse stays this way i don't care what they do with the reverse..

like my opinion means anything to them though



Which obverse?


The 2005 obverse i really kinda like. The obverse from 1938-2004 i care absolutely nothing for at all, in fact i actively don't like it. But that's just me.


I don't like any of the reverses much either. No eagles.


Having said that though i still prefer a building to a buffalo. As you can tell i'm not a nickel fan. Liberty Nickels are the only ones i actually like.

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