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Yet Another Love Token 1861 1/2 Dollar

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Was worn on a chain, you can see where the hole has been filled (quite nicely done), hence the post engraving wear to the rim which is evident. Then converted to a broach.


Very deeply engraved, which does not show to well in the pics.


This is the only US coin I own.

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The heyday of engraved love tokens in the USA was 1860's-1890's, most were made from dimes which was the average daily wage for a man. This love token represents a week's wages before the cost of the engraving is factored in. Well engraved tokens were, by and large, engraved by professionals, which added to the cost of the tokens. An engraved dollar or the spanish 8 real I posted earlier was therefore 2 week's wages plus engraving.

LINK to the Love Token Society

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