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Hi, i´m a coinoholic, please help!

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Hello, i´m new here.


I stumbled on this board while searching information on the web for a British 19th century medal. The discussion and information here was a convincing argument to register.


My main focus now is on ancient coins.

But as many others of my age i once started under the circumstances of very limited budged searching cheap junkboxes with the help of a 1968 Yeoman Modern World Coins edition.

So far my relation to modern world coins and other branches of our hobby is still existing.


Feel free to browse my gallery or use the database.



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A very warm welcome to you!! :ninja:



I hope you found what you wanted regarding your medal.


I look forward to seeing some more of your ancients as I've just had a quick glance at your database and am impressed!

I especially like this one: http://www.arminius-numismatics.com/copper...e.php?pos=-2404 ;)

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Thanks fellow sufferers of coinoholism for the warm welcome!


I begin feeling at home.


By the way: YeOldeCollector´s link will show a different coin as soon as i add or update the mysql-based database cause all position numbers of the files will change.


For a permanent link to a certain coin it´s better to link the picture´s address in the database (right click on the picture, ...). To see the related data you then may search the picture´s name with the search function.


E.g. for YeOldeCollector´s link (my one and only Anglo-Saxon hammered coin):




and: EdCon2.jpg



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I must say that you do have a rather nice Anglo-Saxon penny there! :ninja:


So, where are you from? Italy?


I'm glad that you are settling in here, it is a wonderful forum.

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Hi! And welcome! I too am a newbie and have fallen in love with this site; GREAT people here as you discovered!! Mudhut1000

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