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New Coin For Collection


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I Looked up the Mintages For This Coin


Mintage: .077 (2000 World Coin book)


What Does That mean?


And I Like The Heart Mintmark ;)


And What Is the Current Value Of This Coin?


GL N Heart Is What It Was labeled At the Shop


And It Cost me $7.50 Did i Overpay? :ninja:

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Colin in front of your Krause there is a "how to use this book" section that contains a ton of info, for future reference. But here is the answer



10,000,000 is 10.000 in Krause

1,000,000 is 1.000

100,000 is .100

10,000 is .010

9,999 is 9,999

1,000 is 1,000

842 is 842

27 is 27


So .077 is 77,000 coins minted


Not sure of current value, but I don't think you overpaid

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