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Yes folks you can almost taste the tension in the air. Slowly Art raises his paddle. YES! YES! There it is folks another bid.


51 cents


Now back to Matt and Meredith in New York.

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Kris quickly knocks Arts paddle to the floor and throws his in the air and shouts at the top of his lungs:




Realizing how unnecessary this was he brushed himself off, picked up Art's paddle, proceeded to take his seat and in a refined manner spoke:


"My bid if for seventy cents please."

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Art, always a gentleman, nodded in an understanding manner at Kris. "The spirit does sometimes overcome us." Art remarked as he raised his paddle and nodded to the auctioneer. "Eighty cents" the auctioneer called out. "Eighty cents, do I hear 85 cents?". The room remained quiet as a tomb. Art smiled and nodded at Kris. "Your play, Sir."



80 cents

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Kris sits respectfully and says "Sir, you've outbid me this time... but there are many more battles in this war."


:ninja: I think we should conduct all auctions this way!

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1942S Silver US Dime (Cleaned< Very good)


2001 Philippine Piso (Cleaned,Very good)


2006 Philippine 10 sentimos (cleaned<very good)


1966 US Penny (very good)


1955 Japan Yen (Cleaned,Very good)


Pic of the 1942s Silver US Dime





Happy bidding!!! :ninja:


Surely no one is going to let this fine and unusual grouping of coins go for a mere 85 cents.

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