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Best single numismatic magazine


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Out of curiosity and because I'm interested in everyone's opinion; what do think is the best overall numismatic magazine/periodical?


I belong the the ANA and receive The Numismatist but have been thinking about subscribing to Coin World. I like the idea of a weekly periodical and if I subscribe at a certain rate ($57.97) I will receive Coin World (52 issues) and Coin Values (12 issues) plus access to the Digital Editions of Coin World & Coin Values, WorldWide Coins, Paper Money Values and access to Coin Values Online. The regular print subscription is $49.97 just for the 52 issues in print only.


I want to read articles related to world coins and medals as well as U.S. coins. Numismatic News has a lot of classifieds but that is not my emphasis. I would be very interested in first hand experiences of the members here.



1. Coin World


2. Numismatic News


3. The Numismatist


4. Coins Magazine


5. ???


Thanks for your feedback. :ninja:

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I read Coin World and Numismatic News courtesy of my local library.


Usually whenever my wife has a project for me to do ("I need you to...") I mumble something and run off to said library for an hour of blissful silence and coin news.


Then I go home and do whatever needs to be done. :ninja:

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I think I was out of town and missed this thread. I read the Numismatist and rank it first. It has been years since I read Coin World and have not started again since most of my interests focus on foreign and exonumia. Otherwise, I think it is well done. I do subscribe to World Coin News. It is okay enough that I continue my subscription. I also receive the Bristish journal, The Medal, which is excellent and the ANS magazine which is hit or miss on items that might be of interest.

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CoinWorld and the Numismatist for me. Neither actually garners very much attention, I consider most of the stuff filler and so so.

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I've never seen the Numismatist.


I used to have Coin World paper and online subscriptions - online because I thought I'd be environmentally friendly but it as a hassle. I like the paper better. I can turn off the computer and read it in bed, on the john :ninja: , or even months later.


I also belonged to CoinAge once. When I go to B&N, I can find that there but not Coin World anymore. I like CoinAge because they have some very interesting articles and great images. That's also how I found Coinpeople.com!


But to answer your question, in my experience, my ideal choice would be Coin World when I have the time and money.

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To me, Coin World is the better value. I don't subscribe, but I do buy an issue from time to time. I only subscribe to CDN (graysheets), but their feature writers can't write worth a doodle and come to the most bizarre conclusions sometimes. CW at least has capable writers.

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