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  1. The main problem I see is grade-flation. People just can't take the fact that cretain coins don't survive in MS-70. So they add special rules for grading, put a star or shield on the slab, and add another sticker to show that someone else thinks that that coin is concentrated wonderfullness. If you look in a book from the 1950's, what we formerly called VG (three letters in liberty) was G-4. Now, some people today will call that coin VG+ or VG-10. If you find the really liberal graders, or if the coin is a key date, that might pass as a F-12. This will grow, and become a bigger problems. I find one of two rules (niether of which I created) apply for coin grading: 1. It's either collectiable or Non-collectiable. 2. It's UNC or JUNK.
  2. I would guess its wear, and it looks like it might have been a pocket piece that was repeatedly rubbed on that side.
  3. Stupid is as stupid does, or should it be stupid is as stupid stickers....
  4. I hope I'm in time (I dewll in -6 GMT)
  5. A person who can tell you a story of a coin, and can share that story with others.
  6. This coin is in your possesion I assume... Now, just for fun let's test some china counterfiet properties. 1. Is the coin Magnetic? 2. If you drop the coin on a hard table, does it ring like a bell? (this can also be done by placing the coin's center in the middle of your finger, and hitting it with a pen on the edge) 3. Is it of proper weight (scale, or a ballance with a real coin and it on a popsicle stick) Again, just for fun... NN
  7. That would defeat the purpose of the slab, wouldn't it?
  8. So today, I get an E-mail that my '09-s lincoln is done at ANACS. (F-12 Brown...yum) Now, I need to know how to take pics of this lovely coin. I have a 12 Megapixil camera, with a macro zoom. So, what's your favorite way to take a photo of a slab?
  9. Does anyone have experiance with NGC? Are they good/bad/ugly?
  10. Thank You. Now, back to your question. Not being out of high school, my budget is open, but small. What I like to do, is take a folder for type coins, and put a spin on it. One folder, I might make all proofs, or all with tonning. This really adds some spice to my collecting, and is very rewarding when you finish a set.
  11. I heard about Henning Nickles at Summer Seminar. Sound intresting, and I would love to find the ones he dumped into the river...
  12. So, where should I get this slabbed?
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