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1945 s Lincoln Lincoln


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Hi All you CP folk,


I found this in a big batch of wheats that I am going through, again.

Thought you might relate to the fact that it nearly stopped my heart when I first examined it.

This is the first time I have found anything like this and I hope it isn't the last time.



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That looks like a wheat head on the left side of lincoln.


Now, wouldn't that just set everyone on their heads?

It appears to be some sort of groove and pits that were possibly squeezed into the metal.

I plan to enjoy this coin for quite a long time.

You should have seen the look on my hubby's face when I showed it to him.

It was the first time he got excited about a coin I have found.


I still have hundreds of these old wheats to search.

Back to the copper pits.



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Okay everyone... it is a two-headed Lincoln cent. They are oriented in the same manner as our normal coins. That is why I photographed them that way.


Did you really think I would have you trying to stand on your head to view the thing????


Both the coins are 1945 s minted. They were put together by I don't know who or when.

I must have received them in a bulk purchase some time ago.

And, the double-headed coin has the same weight and diameter as a normal cent, but is ever so slightly thicker.




p.s. The coin is special to me because it is my birth year.

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(((Because of your avitar I figured your birth year was 1962. :ninja:)))


Now aren't you quite the gentleman. ;)

Actually my oldest child was born in 1964.


My avatar is just a nice dime I bought for

my Roosevelt collection and I thought it would

make a nice avatar, until another one comes up I like better.


Thanks Bobo,


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Just a normal magicians coin. They are manufactured in almost all denomiations. Also, some are made with tails or reverses on both sides. Special ones are also where a Cent is hollowed out enough to place a Dime in the hollowed out area. Other variations are also made but not as popular. Great party games are done with those. They used to be expensive but now are dropping down due to popularity. At a magic show they sometimes get lost and eventually end up in rolls or bags at banks.

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