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  1. Just got the new DC territorial quarter in change yesterday - Bluffton,SC.
  2. That's it! I'm going to the grocery store to shamelessly collect what's in the reject bin!
  3. Exactly! How many different ways can we show a landscape on a coin? They'll all start to look alike.
  4. Sounds like Uncle Charlie has experience with this! Oh boy.........I can tell where this thread is going!
  5. My experience has been varied with estate auctions. Sometimes I've come out great. Mostly I've noticed that a local dealer has a relationship with the auction house and has reviewed and purchased the good stuff beforehand so what's left is mostly junk. I guess I need to make friends with an auctioneer. One time I got some great deals at a local police auction of stolen property. I was able to view the lots a few days before and got some seated quarters and morgans for a "steal" Most of the bidders at the auction were after the big stuff like appliances, electronics, etc. so there wasn't a lot of competition for the coin lots.
  6. I will have to say that the AZ qtr. is not among the worst - but it is a far cry from being "among the most beautiful"! (Though it is better than my state of South Carolina where we are extremely proud of our state outline. Two things bug me about it: 1. I don't think I would have recognized the Grand Canyon if the "Grand Canyon State" banner had not been tipping me off. 2. The saguaro used as a border between the two vignettes really bothers me. It's like the Grand Canyon ran into a cactus and then the earth shifted down a few hundred feet to a very very small desert. I like the sun (even though borrowed from 2006 quarters - "the year of the sun" - the sun hadn't been used at all until 2006 and then, boom!, NV NE & ND all of a sudden all use it). I also like the foreground stuff - though I'm not sure what it is - the state flower and other stuff, I presume. Of all the state quarters using geology as the primary device, I would rank them like this: 1. West Virginia-New River Gorge 2. Oregon-Crater Lake 3. Colorado-the Rockies 4. Nebraska-Chimney Rock 5. Arizona-Grand Canyon 6. California-Yosemite 7. South Dakota-Mt. Rushmore 8. New Hampshire-Old Man of the Mountain Just my opinion......
  7. Ditto! Thanks Deadpoint. I was too embarassed to ask.
  8. For me its the thrill of the hunt and owning something beautiful that has a story to tell. Not just what's specifically struck on the coin, but it's age, it's wear, toning, etc. Each type says something about the times in which it was minted - what was important to people back then. Also, it seems to me that coins are always changing. A new variety is found, or mint error - and certainly the value is always changing. I appreciate them by trying to imagine what they've witnessed and where they've been. OK this sounds really wierd an philosophical but I appreciate them by listening to them. And yes, I have to see them to do that so the security of my collection has a bit to be desired.....Good thread!
  9. Just noticed this news.....More changes in the offing? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080520/ap_on_...t/blind_money_1 Comments?
  10. You said it Captain! It's a pity the DC-ites can't see past the huge chip on their shoulder to find something to be proud about. DC is one of the best planned cities in the world with a very rich history. Based on the article that Doc attached, perhaps a portrait of a disgruntled Eleanor Holmes-Norton flipping everyone the "state" bird would be more appropriate. And, excuse me, but I believe it's been the other 50 states' tax dollars that have financed the construction of such a beautiful and interesting city!
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