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I think its good to have a thread that mentions good sellers, give them Kudos and let other buyers know where they can get at least a fair deal. If you would like to add a seller please do so and I will add to the list. If you would like to report a bad experience with one of these sellers, please do that as well with a detail reason why you felt it was a bad experience and we will add the bad review, several bad reviews and I will remove the seller. PLEASE ONLY SELLER YOU HAVE DEALT WITH.


These are USER recommendations!! Not the recommendation of the owners and operators of this forum!!




Vcoins: ancients, world, and etc... You will almost always at least get a fair deal there, lot of seller, lot of options, seller expected to follow a code and many have terms that are VERY VERY fair. MY favorite site for buying closer to retail. (recommended by drusus, scottishmoney, jlueke)




Tantalus: ancients and world I have delt with two dealer there: Kerux and vozmozhno who also run sales sites. Both were fair deals and very up front about the coins flaws and charms.(recommended by drusus)





Beast Coins: ancients and world He sales some coins on vcoins and on his site I think...he is a fair dealer. (recommended by drusus)




Acient Coins Canada: ancients and world Good dealer in a wide variety of coins, have never had a problem with them. (recommended by drusus)





muenzen-ritter: world (recommended by drusus)




Barry and Darling: ancients (recommended by drusus)




Harlan J. Berk: ancients and world (recommended by drusus)





Calgary Coins: world (recommended by drusus)




Incititus:: ancients (recommended by drusus)





CNG: ancients and world (recommended by drusus)




Barry Murphy: ancients (recommended by jlueke and drusus)




Gorny & Mosch: coins and medals (recommended by jlueke)




Elsen: ancients and world (recommended by jlueke)




Gleen Woods: mostly ancients (recommended by jlueke and drusus)




Lost Dutchman Rare Coins: world (recommended by jtryka, scottishmoney)




MA Shops - muenz auktion: ancients, world, medals, etc. (recommended by drusus)

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oh...and just so you know, some of those dealer you can get a real great deal here and there, but mostly they are, IMO, just fair dealers. Some you can contact and ask for a lower price, some might, some wont depanding on the coin.


what I call a FAIR deal is this:


GERMAN STATES Wurttemberg Wilhelm II 1914-F 3 Mark

Choice AU US$ 35


Subtotal: US$ 35.00

Shipping: First Class - Tx/US - 4

Order Total: US$ 39.00




GERMAN STATES Wurttemberg Wilhelm II 1914-F 3 Mark Choice AU


AR 3 Mark 34mm. 16.65g. Stuttgart mint

Head right.


Crowned imperial eagle.


KM 635

Very lustrous.

mintage: 733.000




Title does not pass until payment is made in full.


All coins that we sell are 100% guaranteed for life to be authentic unless otherwise described.


All coins purchased from our website are returnable for a refund (lessshipping costs) within 30 days of receipt if you are not satisfied.


We do our best to make sure that all images depict the coin as closely aspossible to its appearance when viewed in person. Getting an exactmatch is seldom possible, if at all. Please allow for slight variationsin appearance.


We will NEVER share your e-mail address or phonenumber with anyone. They are only required so that we may contact you regarding your order.


Because we sell our coins through a number of venues, on rare occassion, a certain coin may not be available.


We can accept payment for online orders in the form of check (may have to clear), money order, PayPal, VISA, Mastercard or Discover Card.


Shipping, handling and insurance will be added to all orders.


Customs duties are the responsibility of the buyer. Expect to pay them, especially on insured shipments.


Wisconsin residents must add 5.5% sales tax.


If you have any questions please e-mail us or call us at (608) 836-1777.





This is in addition to the Vcoins code of ethics he must follow when it comes to shipping, pricing, selling, conduct, etc...




I figure this coin LOOKS somewhere between XF and Unc but it looks like a real good XF if its lightly circulated. This coin is worth roughly 25.00 or a bit more in XF and more like 60.00 if it is UNC. Maybe circulated, its only lightly and very little signs of wear at all. Cleaned maybe? I dont care as long as its not marred by it. All in all an outstanding example of the coin. I dont believe I got it for a steal...I feel its a fair deal and I feel good about buying it.

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I have never had a bad deal with any Vcoins sellers, but lots of great ones. I know some complain the prices are high, but hey, you get a coin you are guaranteed will satisfy you. I bought an extremely rare Alexander III penny from Barry Murphy last year, and am most pleased with it still.

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VCoins is a great site, apart from their grading of Anglo-Saxon coins...


http://www.vauctions.com/auctions/APViewItem.asp?ID=56254 Near Very Fine...!? :ninja:


Many thanks for the info Drusus, will come in useful.



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The dealer's you cite are all quite good and I deal with most of them as well. I did once get a fake Sasanian coin from a Vcoins dealer but my money was promptly refunded. Some additional dealers you don't have listed that I do business with include


Gorny & Mosch Gorny & Mosch


Elsen Elsen


Glenn Woods Glenn Woods Coins

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I've been in this forum for 1.75 years and I've never heard of vcoins.


That's probably because they mainly deal in Ancients.





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I've dealt with Matt (Lost Dutchman) and have always been pleased. He is a very honest dealer and a gentleman to boot.



Yeah, and his coins are a hell of a lot nicer than that fool you dealt with yesterday. So JT, don't give up on the good sellers, and the hobby because of some whacko on the fleaBay.

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And Heritage is good too, I think I still have time to consign my currency to them for the CGA signature sale in conjunction with the central states auction, otherwise there is another signature sale in the fall. I'll have to call my rep on Monday to get the details, and I'll be sure not to let the door hit me on the derriere on the way out.

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The problem with a list of good or great or just fantastic coin dealers is such a list is based on way to little quantity of individuals. There normally will always be someone that has great dealings with a dealer and the next person gets a really poor situation. We here only hear of a few minor situations with dealers both good and bad. I've seen such lists on the net, in coin magazines, friends recommentdations, etc. and usually many contradictions also. A big problem with such recommendations is someone may go to such a web site, buy something, have a really poor experience and then blame this web site for allowing such a list or just the person that recommended a dealer.

What would be a good idea is if such a list was a permanent post and people had the chance to add their 2 CENTS, so to speak, to each dealer, eventually it would be a rather possible decent listing, maybe. I only say this due to so many times I've heard how good a certain dealer is and my experiences with them is completely opposite.

Don't know if you've ever recommended a similar deal such as a auto dealership and someone goes there and gets burned. Now you loose a freind or maybe a relative.

One more thing is I've been coin collecting for over 60 years and I too never heard of vccoins.

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I would agree with what is said above...I listed people I have had MULTIPLE dealings with and never a problem. I know we have had a situation here with a person and a dealer...in that situation...if you call any of these dealers over priced while dealing with them...or are brash or rude...I cant say how they would handle it as the situation has never come up.


I am shocked, to be honest, that so many have never heard of Vcoins...though you might have heard of MANY of the dealers who deal there like Harlan J Berk or CNG. it is a collection of many reputable dealers who have gathered together on one site with this goal:


VCoins, the Online Coin ShowSM, offers the widest selection of coins, books, and collecting supplies brought to you by the top dealers in the world. You can shop confidently knowing that every VCoins dealer is 100% committed to safe and reliable transactions.


at the moment they have over 71,000 ancients and over 15,000 world coins and they follow a strict coade of ethics:


VCoins was created to simplify and reduce the cost of e-commerce in the ancient coin marketplace and to foster friendly relationships between collectors, dealers, and the general public.


VCoins recognizes that all dealers are legally obligated to operate their businesses in accordance with applicable local, state, and national commercial laws. A further requirement for participating as a dealer on the VCoins site is strict adherence to the VCoins Dealer Code of Ethics. This Code is intended to promote mutual trust between dealers and the public through fairness, honesty, and integrity.


Each VCoins dealer pledges the following:



I subscribe to the terms of the VCoins Dealer Code of Ethics and agree to be bound by the provisions thereof, including any revisions as may be made from time to time.

I will conduct my business in a professional and ethical manner, and will exercise common sense and courtesy in my professional dealings, to ensure that no discredit is brought to VCoins or other VCoins dealers.

I will freely share my numismatic knowledge with non-professional collectors or interested individuals and will encourage research into ancient numismatics and history.

I will promptly deliver items I sell unless other arrangements are made with the buyer.

I will promptly pay for items I purchase unless other arrangements are made with the seller.

I will not intentionally misrepresent the value of any item, and I will not take unfair advantage of non-professional customers, be they buyers or sellers.

I will take all reasonable actions to correct errors made in normal transactions.

I will not knowingly deal in counterfeits, copies, or reproductions without full and clear description of their nature. I will never knowingly represent such items as genuine.

I will not knowingly deal in stolen numismatic items. I will report such items to the proper authorities if they are offered to me.

I will vouch for the authenticity of items I sell and will have no time limit on the return of items discovered to be non-authentic. I will offer a full cash refund upon return of any such item, including the cost of return shipping.

I will allow returns within a period not less than fourteen (14) days from the recorded date of shipping or ten (10) days following attempted delivery or receipt by the purchaser, whichever is the earlier date. This return policy does not apply to group lots, items advertised and sold "as-is", items altered after receipt, or other items as specifically agreed upon beforehand with the customer. Mail bid or auction sales may have shorter limits.

I will explicitly state my terms and conditions of sale in my e-store.

I will not intentionally misrepresent items I sell, including the use of misleading images, historical conjecture, unsubstantiated provenance or pedigree, or other tactics that may artificially inflate the perceived value of an item.

I will operate in a fair and honorable manner, and will not intentionally defame the character of my competitors or the quality of their products.

Violations of any provision of the VCoins Code of Ethics shall constitute conduct prejudicial to VCoins and may result in account suspension, termination, and/or legal action.



I am not a shill for them but a satisfied customer of many of the seller there. I do probably 80% of all my buying from there (or dealers who sell there if not from there directly). Its a safe haven for me when I want to buy high dollar with a little more confidence. I have seen sellers break the code of ethics....and I have seen them removed.


oh...btw...I do think it is a good idea to have a running list...people may add to it their info after dealing with the person...if they start getting bad experiences then the seller should be removed. So as you post them, I will add them to the top post...I will then edit the list for people comments and for them to add sellers...

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okay...I have edited the top list and added who recommended the seller. If you would like to add one...do so here and I will add it to the top list to keep them all in the same post. If you had a bad experience with a dealer...also post that here and depending on how bad we will remove the seller...only good seller you have dealt with...not just because you know them from this forum...just because they are on this forum does not make them trustworthy.


If you want to also recommend a seller on the top list, post here and I will add your name...the more names recommending the seller, probably the better off you will be dealing with him. If you have already posted above saying you have dealt with a dealer or group of dealers and found it a good experience, I added your name...if you object, let me know.


I will attempt to organize the list better soon, maybe by types of coins they sell. I also put a disclaimer:


These are USER recommendations!! Not the recommendation of the owners and operators of this forum!! :ninja:

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I think one reason why people might not know vcoin or other sellers on the list might be because when we come into the forum with a purchase to show. We often post the coin and say 'check out my new purchase!'


Seldom do we say 'check out my new purchase, I got it from so-and-so, it was this amount of money, and I am very satisfied!!'


It might also be that if you say where you got it...people might go there and buy the coins you want :ninja:

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Vcoins will not appeal to the interests of many of the collectors here, it's focus is ancients, the USA and foreign are sides. The foreign section has gotten fairly sizable recently. I have been using Vcoins for about 4 years now, it has grown dramatically in that time. The USA section has only a few dealers, and not a lot of stock. What is in the USA section is nice though.

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Like you say, the world coin area has blown up in the last few years. US is certainly lacking there but then again...here in america...I go to a show and the world and ancients are relegated to one or two isles and the rest of the big convention center is all mogans and other US. Even many coin forums have US section...and lump all others in one area...so I figure there are plenty of US dealers and buyers that can go on the list. I am not interested in US so my additions will never have many US if any.


If it were me...US would just be lumped with other world coins.

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If it were me...US would just be lumped with other world coins.


In an IDEAL world with an IDEAL budget, I'd probably spend 70% on US coins and notes and 30% on World coins and note.


Ooh.. I've got an idea for a poll

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