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Mexican Pesos


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I was at my local coin club meeting last night, and I was looking at what everyone was selling, and there is an older gentleman there that has been collecting world coins since the 1940s, and I noticed he had a Whitman style book full of Mexican pesos for sale. It started in 1908 I think, and went through the late 1960s when the last of the 0.100 fine silver pesos were minted. It included everything from the 1920 peso on, and he priced the cap and ray separate from the late-1940s early 1950s and those separate from the 0.100 fine ones. So, long story short, I bought a complete run of 1-pesos from 1920-1945, all BU except for the 1920 and 1921 which were XF/AU and the early 1920s which were AU, and one extra 1940 peso which was used to illustrate the reverse. He priced them at melt, which as of last night was $121, so I picked up those plus a 1915 French 2-franc, 2 silver Swiss 2-franc (1957 and 1961) and a PL nickel Swiss 2-franc from 1976, all for $130! The pesos are very cool, and now that I have a complete run, I'll probably list a few of the duplicates in the B/S/T forum. Some were absolutely stunning, like the 1926 and 1927, but I really liked the design and finally have a complete set! I would have bought the others too, but he wanted a total of $70 for the remainder which seemed like too much money to me, especially since I don't really like the designs very much. I'll try posting photos this weekend.

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