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  1. awesome collection of old coins you got there
  2. I mostly use ebay for hammered coins. Here in little ole' PA, there aren't many alternatives.
  3. I guess its possible they have been polished after circulating.
  4. If I had to guess I'd say someone took a silver sharpie to it. I could be wrong but that silver does appear to have the texture of a silver sharpie.
  5. I have the new Presidential Dollar and State Quarter. No other 2008s yet
  6. Beautiful coins. I too love silver even more than gold
  7. I would love to spend dollar coins like that lol. It would be awesome to see the reactions.
  8. Awesome. I only have 1 Mexican coin at the time. I can't remember the denomination just that it is from the 30s.
  9. I bet if I asked half my friends for a cent they would have to stop and think. Penny is what it is.
  10. I dont know anything about it but it certainly is a cool design to remember that event.
  11. Those designs are beautiful. I would love to see those designs out into production!
  12. That was awesome. You never really visualize 1 billion pennies as being that big.
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