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Common as muck


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Any coin with Victoria on it is sexy :ninja:

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Okay, I have to ask, why the 1882 H cent? And, NoHope the only place that coin would look better is at my house!  :ninja:


I don't collect cents, pennies perhaps but we've never had cents.


An 1882-H was my first Victorian Penny, infact i think the only Bun head penny i ever owned was an 1882-H one.


It was my favourite of my first coins. So every one i see always takes me back to my days as a newbie.

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If I ever upgrade it then I will keep you in Mind crystalk64. I am spending the next day or two going over my UK Pennies which have been sitting in a shoe box where the were thrown 10 years ago when I moved across the pond. I am finding all sorts of stuff I had forgotten about.

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