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More Ebay changes

Mark Stilson

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I looks to me that the new policies are over-favoring the seller... and ebay's bottom line.

The more sellers they can attract with the seller-favored policies, the more money ebay makes.

Seems the new seller bias will only bring more of the fly-by-night type of sellers.



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"Feedback percentage will be based on the last 12 months, although the total count remains lifetime. This means that any negative or neutral feedback left for you more than 12 months ago will no longer affect your percent positive."



To me this is going overboard. If a seller has 20 negs 2 years ago and has a 97% feedback, after 12 months of no negs it goes back up to 100%. :ninja:;)

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Especially when you where a student at the time and are still in debt to this day because of it.


Sued the guy and everything, ebay still don't care to help me recover the money (all they need to do is confirm his address, and that would be it, but they wont).


Of course! It's because they got their money off of it.

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Exactly, that is all they care about. I explained to them how it happened (bad policies) and they said "Yeah we know". I could do the same thing to hundreds of people right now. They know the flaw is there and they don't care about fraudsters as long as they get their cut.


Yeah, it's sad, unfortunate, and ridiculous!

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