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What's the best find you've gotten with a metal detector


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This will be a series of Questions:


1.) What is your favorite Find with a metal detector?

2.) What did you do with the find?

3.) Has your metal detector paid for itself?

4.) What is the most odd thing you've found with your metal detector?


I'm hoping to see some very interesting answers!! :ninja:;);)

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1) The best thing was either the 1787 connecticut cent, which was in really poor shape, or the sleigh bell.

2) In a box somewhere in a drawer

3) Nope, but it's still fun

4) The most odd thing was a lump of melted lead....meh.

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Its actually sitting right here on my desk next to the computer. I had to do some online researsh to figure out what it was and its been here since.

Know anyone that needs a spare?


What? I can't hear you...!

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1. a bullet

2. boxed it

3. not yet

4. a melted blob.


Nice sig!


Thanks, I made the joke in another post and decided to make a cartoon out of it.

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