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Experiment in toning

Mark Stilson

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Okay everybody say yuk AT! The subject in this is the Texas Renaissance festival necklace I had made this year. They will "tone" it for you there. Which means a bath in a black paint and wiping it down some afterward. Now that was really "Yuk". I bought this with the intent of toning myself. It has had about a weeks worth of time toning. I decided to go with a album tone job on this. I has been in a small section of napkin with a dime placed on both sides, held together with a cloths line clip. (And placed in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnall's Porch for the last week. This last parts just a old timer deal for those who remember. ) Anyways warm spot, 2 dimes, napkin.


Original finish



After 1 week. (Note: the color on the edge is more of a gold brown then shows up in the picture. )



I'll be keeping it set up like this until I see a little darker tone. Right now the obverse is toning a little more then the reverse. So it does need more time.

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As an experiment I decided to place dimes centered on each side to try to attain something similar to album toning. (A coin that has a bullseye effect on the toning.) You have seen crescent toning also where another coin has laid between the coin and a mint bag. I'm hoping this will turn out the same way. So far it seems to be working. The pictures really don't show it well but the center is pretty much untouched and just the edges have the toning.


As to Funk and Wagnall's porch and the mayonnaise jar is just a "joke/test" from the past. To see if anyone recognizes the reference.

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That depends on what kind of tone you're looking for. Some of those MONSTER toners are just too harsh. I really liked this one, posted a while back:




It was soft yet beautiful. Not like these dipped fiends: top right corner

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