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Known copies of ancients that were made from the 16th century through the 19th century have some value, later ones such as the so called Rosa copies also do, because of the well executed designs. Most copies however fall into the no value except as a novelty category.

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A man called Ashford produced a large number of ancient and medieval copies, and there was a lot of traffic on e-bay of his work, last year. I've tried to find out more about him on the net, without success. He seems to have been written out of history!! :ninja:

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Modern copies that are worth anything to a collector are very rare indeed...most are considered pure junk and despicable, especially if made to decieve. There is a series of well done fakes (imitations) called Paduan medals after Giovanni Cavino. 1500-1570 that are highly collectable and expensive because of their superb artistic style and beauty. These medals themselves are highly copied and faked and a real one is rather rare, most are after casts of the real series. Many would say Cavino was a medallist rather than a forger, an imitator giving homage and a true craftsman. In contrast to the crappy fakes that people try to pawn off as real.


Here are some examples of early after casts of paduan medals...



Paduan Medal of Galba



Paduan Medal of Domitian


Here is a worthless cheap copy of one of these medals that I own and bought in Rome:




These are bulgarian fakes...they are not that bad, but they are made by scum trying to pass them off as real...they are no Giovanni Cavino and they are worth the metal they are made of...they are worth nothing in my book save jail time.



^^ bulgarian fakes


Now there are people who do collect what are called Fourée. These coins are ancient fakes made contemporary (or closer) to the time of the coin they are faking. They are usualy made with a base metal and coated with silver (or another more precious metal). They often ashow breaks in the top layer if it remains at all. These are made to decieve by ancients but they are rather collectable as they are still ancient coins.


here is a few examples:



Otho Fourree



Roman Republic Mn. Fonteius silver denarius fourree 108-107 B.C.

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In the Current Coin galleries (Stacks) auction there are several Renaissance medals inspired by ancient coins designs selling for thousands of dollars. There is alos a Becker counterfeit, Becker was one of the most famous in the 19th century, that will bring close to four figures. There is certainly a market for some forgeries.

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