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World bank, mints, banknote printer etc


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Highly ticked off that I can't find the right link for each world's mint, central banks, banknote printers etc, I decided to compile my own personal list which I hope that you will find it useful. Most of the sites if I am not mistaken do have infomation about current coinages, banknotes infomation etc. And yes, I verified them ALL - imagine the royal pain that it took :ninja:


There is possiblity that I left some mints, official banks etc. If you do spot any, please let me know ;)


Here is the link: (warning - approximately 2mb of images!)




And yes, this will be my 4000th post (now you know why I was so silent and will be for some time ;) )

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GX, Just a suggestion on the Northern Ireland, Scotland, Hong Kong, and Macau you might want to look up and put links for note issuing authorities in those respective places.

Northern Ireland:


Bank of Ireland


First Trust Bank


Ulster Bank


Northern Bank




Bank of Scotland - you have it already


Clydesdale Bank


Royal Bank of Scotland Also has one on their banknotes:

Royal Bank banknotes


Hong Kong

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation


Standard Chartered Bank


Bank of China - Hong Kong


Government of Hong Kong



Banco Nacional Ultramarino


Bank of China Macau

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Very comprehensive list, thanks!


Don't know how much sense it would make to list all German mints, but since you have Hamburg, here are the others. :ninja: Also, the numismatic offices of DE and SM ...



Berlin Mint: http://www.muenze-berlin.de/

Baden-Württemberg Mints: http://www.staatlichemuenzenbw.de/

Bavarian Mint: http://www.hma.bayern.de/

Mayer Mint (private): http://www.mayermint.com/

Numismatic Office: http://www.deutsche-sammlermuenzen.de/


Bundesdruckerei (bank note printer): http://www.bundesdruckerei.de/


San Marino

Numismatic Office: http://www.aasfn.sm/



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