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1921 Sliver Morgan, Obverse is nicely toned although you cant really see it in the scan ;)


IMO, a bargain for $15. Will try to get a photo of the toning soon.


Also, from the junk bin:

1975 1 Kopeck USSR


1975 20 cents Hong Kong


1994 20 cents Hong Kong


Unidentified coin with Arabic lettering


1980 10 cents Bahamas


1964 Half Penny


1948 Half Crown


1981 Mexico $20


For a buck ;)


and for free:

1964 5 cents Canada (UNC, ;) !Camo! :ninja: )


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Majority of the vams don't fetch a premium. To me though they add a dimension to collecting morgans. A few of the ones listed in the redbook, hot 50, and top 100 do. There are some what can be id'ed by picture. (Tailbar, off center mint marks, or dates, etc.) Most of them you need in hand.

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I somehow missed your reply Mark :ninja:

I don't see myself being able to get my hands on that many Morgans to check for Vams, nor having enough dough!

Thanks for the reply! ;)



I'm not really into Morgans but I understand that one of the fun items in that series is searching out vams even in the "silver bullion" circulated coins.

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From the coin show a week ago:

1942 50c Liberty Walker


1938 Merc, grade XF but much better eye appeal


A roll of "BU" 1963 cents-some odd damage, looks like a fingerprint (Pic-WARNING LARGE!) Quite a few of these had such damage! :ninja:

1979 Canadian Cent Clipped Planchet 50 cents ;) (Approx. Value?)


A pack of world junk-bin coins from the organizers-Some cool stuff in there ;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

About time I bought something.

Went to the coins store, and got

14 commem. dollars in change :ninja:

1964-B AU 2 Francs

And as usual, a crapload of stuff from the good 'ol junkbin;

A LOT of old pennies

A old Canadian Penny

A munched-up Indian Head

Some old french centimes

Some un ID's


Pics to come ;)

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