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Finally completed the Soviet nicupro commemorative coin set


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I started this set when I bought a set of 64 Soviet commemorative coin set in Russia. That was back in 2002 in Izmaylovsky Park at just 1000 rubles if I'm not mistaken (35USD or so). That didn't sound too expensive.


The only thing is, I couldn't be bothered with the other odd 10 commemrative coins. One was the minor kopek set that was minted in 1967 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Socialism. Not too difficult to find but I'll have to get a better set as mine has a fingerprint on the coin :ninja:


Today I just received my 1992 Barcelona coin set (minted in 1991), which is relatively hard to find for some unusual reason. There are varities of this packaging but I decided to get what I saw first, which is a set packed by the Mezhnumizmatika specifically released for the US market. I'll have to get photos of it later.


Interestingly, this is what it says on the paper that came along with it:


This offical proof set was issued by the USSR in 1992 to commemorate the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.


The coins were designed and engraved by the distunguished Russian metallist Alexander Baklanov. They depict the sports of cycling, weight lifting, Olympic wrestling. javeling throwing, track and long jumping. Minted as offical coin of the realm, each coin bears the coat of arms of the USSR.


The six-coin proof set is a true collector's item, for it represents the official coinage of a country that no longer exists. The coins had already been minted when, in September 1991, most of the union republics that comprised the Soviet Uniomn declared their Independence.


Furthermore, this proof set pays tribute to an Olympic team that does not represent a single country.


Each couin is a one Rouble denomination minted in copper nickel. Only 250,000 proofs of these coins were minted, and there are just 50,000 sets available in the United States.


Well most definately these are very unusual as this would be the first Olympics coins to be minted after the Moscow Olympisc of 80. (Good reason why there weren't any minted for 84 and 88) And I think that might be the last nickel copper type of coins to be minted for any other Olympics event, which makes it rather interesting.


Overall, I don't think I needed more than 100USD to complete this type set, which is VERY affordable ;) Of course, that is if you don't go for the fanciful proofs and extra cases which will make the cost will much higher. Maybe I paid just 80 or so including this Barcelona set which makes it come down to lnearly 1 dollar a piece! Makes me wonder about the mad prices on ebay these days. Well shipping offically sucks.


Pictures to come soon... ;) You can view the rest of the Soviet commemorative coins on omnicoin if you like ;)

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